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October 12, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round Up

image* Tony Isabella remembers Steve Gerber with a brief note. Gerber was a very interesting creator and his legacy looks better every year. I still get a thrill when I see the old Howard stuff. Pop culture worked way differently back then.

* did we talk about John Jennings getting an imprint and a checkbook for the imprint by Abrams? I think we did. It's worth noting again that one aspect of this is Abrams has been so disciplined as a publisher in terms of the number of books it publishers. So for them to go for a whole line, they must be very high on Jennings and what he has planned. Good luck to all involved.

* bundled extra: Oni Press announces a new book with Katie O'Neill. Certainly people have been delighted by the two existing works mentioned in the article.

* Chris Gavaler on Chlorine Gardens. Here's someone at Kirkus Review on The Best American Comics 2018.

* go, read: Hannah Williams provides an alternate and thrilling basic reading of the Moomin stories.

* this one damn funny tweet.

* I'm not sure I heard about the Monir/Nowak micro press, but I'm excited to follow the Twitter account and learn more.

* Nicholas Dekker profiles Bryan Christopher Moss.

* festivals extra: I'm not sure why I bookmarked this photo given that it's already fired through our social media, but that's a great look on Jeff's face as he picks up a couple of honors at the end of CXC 2018. I'm right around the corner, by the way. I realized I was blocking the view of those kids.

* finally: not sure how I get to this Etsy shop, or who it belongs to even, but I like the looks of this print.
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