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October 15, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there's a fine interview with the very interesting cartoonist Benjamin Marra here; commentary on that interview here. For contrast, run this interview with Edmond Baudoin through a translator; there's a bunch of good stuff there, too. He's been teaching in Quebec?

* I enjoyed Bill Kartalopoulos' review of Genesis, here.

image* the writer Steven Grant continues his walk through North American mainstream comic book art through the years with a look at the 1970s and the flood of permutations of style that decade brought with it.

* the longtime webcomics entrepreneur Joey Manley talks about promoting webcomics in terms of their being more significantly streamlined into the various entertainment and art options available to people on the Internet.

* the cartoonist Eddie Campbell shows his appreciation for Asterios Polyp.

* a call to help Paty Cockrum.

* the blogger David Welsh posts the Archie wedding image we've all been waiting to see.

* not comics: here are a bunch of the more effective and funny one-liners from Scott Kurtz's hosting gig at the Harvey Awards. It seems the webcartoonist went down the audacious path of actually sitting down and working up a bunch of jokes for his night under the lights, and it paid off for him.

* the cartoonist and theorist Scott McCloud discusses criticism.

* the blogger J. Caleb Mozzocco gets into some of the translation issues with Refresh, Refresh.

* finally, a much linked-to piece on the friendship shared by Frank Zappa and Jack Kirby.
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