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October 17, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Greg Hunter on Roughneck. Bill Boichel on Education. Wim Wiacek on Dope.

* RC Harvey digs into Uncle Sam.

* Nicole Georges has made her "R Comic" available in the middle of the recent public discussion regarding rape.

* Harold Gray on book censorship.

* here's a nice mini-profile of the lovely-looking Librarie D+Q in Montreal. Everything I know about it strikes me as it being one of the world's two to three dozen destination shops, and it seems to play a bigger role in its wider arts community than many of the other shops making that list.

* Rebecca Schuh talks to Eli Valley. Sloane and Leslie talk to Tucker.

* finally: Robert Boyd gets into the comics influences of Trenton Doyle Hancock.
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