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October 22, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* RM Rhodes takes a look at a National Lampoon effort on french comics and how it doesn't really intersect with Metal Hurlant.

* went out and saw Arie Kaplan speak on the subject of Jewish creators' influence on mid-20th Century superhero comics. He's an engaging and very practiced speaker. Good crowd, too, for a paid engagement on a Sunday night.

* not comics: I really enjoyed this venue for the Matthew Thurber signing we had in town a couple of weeks ago. I hope it does well and I hope your PR people will add it to your Columbus tour stop lists.

* Steve Kelley takes the Post-Gazette job from which Rob Rogers was let go for his anti-Trump cartoons. Kelley is a super-solid pro and there's a positive element to any paper keeping a staff cartooning position, but that's a tainted gig and I wish anyone asked had said no -- even as much as I hate backseat driving other people's career choices.

* finally: this page of Dick Giordano inking Jose Garcia-Lopez is quite attractive.
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