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October 31, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Jason Quest notes on a Bleeding Cool message board site the suicide-related passing of German writer Jens Altmann. Altmann was a frequent contributor to several social sites and platforms related to comics, and was the author or co-creator of the comics works Yesterday's Heroes, Scoop, Cyborg Assault Hamsters, Berserker: The Wild Hunt and Made of Fail. He was also a translator of various works.

image* go, look: Tom Scioli draws The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. I always like the act of self-selection involved with that name. Plus you can never go wrong drawing Mastermind because any details you get wrong that's just Mastermind doing an illusion of that thing.

* how Nipper took Addis Ababa.

* not comics: Joe Field digs up an old proposal for a syndicated radio program on comics.

* Shaenon Garrity on Basara. Tony Isabella on more DC New 52 comics. Rob Clough on the journalism comics of Josh Kramer. Greg McElhatton on Celluloid. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Holy Terror. KC Carlson on The Simon And Kirby Library: Crime. Michael Buntag on Brilliant #1.

* not comics: Ryan Sands is gauging interest in a Same Hat t-shirt.

* Bill Baker talks to Eric Berlatsky. Robin McConnell talks to Tom Neely. Michael Cavna talks to Bob Mankoff. Blake Eskin talks to Mark Alan Stamaty. Dave Richards talks to Matt Fraction.

* not comics: I used to participate in these frequent discussions on the role of a comics critic, but at some point I just started thinking that writing about comics is pretty much the same about any other writing. I would imagine that applies to writing about writing about comics, too.

* I keep on reading that there's a Green Lantern-related comic book out there starring a group that pukes blood on things, but it hasn't quite registered with me as something that actually exists.

* not comics: how The Joy Of Sex was illustrated.

* Martin Wisse writes about a reader's suggestion that Love & Rockets is the kind of book you hand people to get them to read comics, which soon moves into that thing I never understand about how the series lacks a natural jumping-on point. I'm beginning to wonder if the old way of encountering TV shows and comics right in the middle of their narratives and then working one's way backward or not depending if it's interesting or not has all but gone away. It could be the stumble-upon approach was simply the default method of those that grew up without access to DVD series season collections and comics trades.

* not comics: Dan Nadel takes a quick peek into Brian Chippendale's studio.

* D+Q posts another one of those photos-and-wisecracks reports, this time on the Dan Clowes and Seth tour's Montreal appearance and their visit to the office. You know, that is a handsome office.

* not comics: hello... hello!... HELLO!... oh no.

* I love Brett Warnock's catch-all blog posts.

* shopping for comics with Austin English looks like fun.

* finally, Chris Eliopoulos dispenses advice on how to stay in the comics industry once you get in. (thx, Matthew Badham)
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