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December 7, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Don MacPherson on Void Trip #1.

* I'll never be able to afford pages from Los Bros or complete stories from Julie Doucet, but I know Todd Hignite is an honorable businessman and these new sales are being down with care and respect.

* Brian Heater talks to Simon Hanselmann.

* the comic in question in this article made its way to me yesterday. I have zero familiarity with Zootopia, so it was just sort of a weird intense comic; that it like many fan comics gains some power and needed clarity from its reference points makes total sense to me. I have no opinion about this particular comic, and what usually gets brought up is all the regular point-and-look reactions: like in addition to the regular worries expressed in relation to abortion, the child brought to term being a two-species mega-monster comes up, which is a concern one didn't see expressed in the equivalent episode of Family. People should do art about whatever they want, and as there are some logical barriers to profiting from other folks' work, I don't worry where that takes them. At the same time, I was disgusted by the recent highjacking of Matt Furie's work for political reasons, so I still have some thinking to do here.

* finally, in case we don't get to a stand-alone article, our hearts remain with those feeling the impact of various Southern California fires.
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