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November 4, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* how Marvel continuity gets graphed by everything. That looks like a fun article; I haven't had the time to go back through it yet.

image* Tom Gill on Midnight Fishermen. Tucker Stone on a bunch of different comics. Glenn Walker on various comics contributing the Marvel Comics Infinity event story.

* not comics: missed this Kate Beaton Halloween quiz. It's very amusing.

* it's amazing to me that people are still giving out Jack T. Chick comics for Halloween -- I assume that's what's going on here. There's probably something clever to be said for comics made to save souls coming under fire for inappropriate content, but the whole thing kind of depresses me.

* one of the reliable fun thing on the comics Internet is retailer and foundational industry blogger Mike Sterling's regular dive into the dumpster of pop-culture junk that is certain sections of the comics shop retailing catalog.

* I missed this amazing set of posts from Jose Munoz in tribute to Kim Thompson and Spain Rodriguez. Whoa.

* not comics: Andrew Weiss rejects the gifted child scenario presented in the Ender book by Orson Scott Card.

* David Betancourt talks to Brian Michael Bendis.

* finally, Michael Cavna catches us up on what's going on with the Herblock documentary.
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