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November 5, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the National Cartoonists Society has launched a blog. The first subject will be a strip in development, which makes sense as every panel the NCS has ever done at a comics show lands right on that topic and rarely lets go.

image* a few folks sent me links to this eBay auction of a Jack Kirby page; my apologies to whomever had it first. That's a good-looking page.

* this weekend saw some updates to this site's forthcoming events page that focuses on events past this month and next. I figured that since it's now November that meant January and beyond was up and people might have an idea of what's planned for 2013. Thanks to everyone that sent in reminders: I added the January con in Phoenix, the Wizard show in Chicago (really the only Wizard show I trust enough to happen without fundamental changes to list it far in advance) next year's September convention in Cincinnati, ICAF in Portland among others. If you can think of one that's been concretely scheduled, Two we're waiting on are SPX (which usually gets announced in early January) and a second edition of Chicago's CAKE if there's to be one.

* not comics: some of the general social impulses that encourage people to get together at conventions are explained here.

* not comics: the cartoonist Andy Runton provided a guest logo for the "Pop Candy" column written by friend-of-funnybooks Whitney Matheson.

* the writer Brian Bendis continues to spotlight a bunch of fun superhero-related images via his Twitter account, like this classic from Alex Toth. A few folks e-mailed me a link to this post featuring Daredevil dancing with Calvin & Hobbes, which also suggests that someone mentioned it first.

* there is apparently a Rowland Emett Appreciation Society now. I like to think they tweet through a series of levels and pneumatic tubes.

* happy 5th birthday to The PCG.

* I apologize for not remembering the name of the person that mentioned this Tumblr account devoted to girls loving superheroes is a lot of fun right after Halloween. And so it is.

* finally, that's a pretty cool-looking Mike Mignola drawing. It's fun to look at a bunch next to one another, too.
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