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November 5, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* congratulations to the great Fiona Smyth on receiving an Acker Award.

* Mark Evanier provides a list of comics industry truisms from 1970, many of which still apply. It's interesting for the look it provides into a time when mainstream comics company editorial decision-making dominated everything, to the point that quirks of behavior in individual offices had a ripple effect across the entire field.

* festivals extra: looks like DINK has extended their exhibitor applications until November.

* love this photo of Gengoroh Tagame, Justin Hall and Chip Kidd.

* did I recommend the Inktober efforts from Mike Laughead? If I didn't, here you go. If I didn't, here you go again.

* finally: look at this gorgeous Rocky and Fumble cover from Xaime. Just about any cartoonist other than Jaime, those two great characters would be the life achievement.
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