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November 7, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Peg Cheng talks to Jonathan Hill.

* comics life in Columbus is good: Joe Sacco appears at OSU tomorrow night; Nicole Hollander next week. Hollander is here via the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum; don't know the exact host for Joe. It's all good to me.

* Paul Constant on Blame This On The Boogie.

* here's another list trying to summarize the beauty of an expansive art form through a list that is mostly higher-end action-adventure comics with a heavy writerly element. There's three or four comics on there that might make a top 100 for me, and at least that many that I think aren't even good. So it goes. List-making is always an interesting exercise, though, and I have fun reading them.

* finally: Eric Drooker writes a bit about his Fall-themed New Yorker cover.
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