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November 8, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I wrote yesterday there were no editorial cartoons that I felt captured the presidential election in one-and-done fashion. About an hour later, people started e-mailing me this cartoon, which even if it doesn't match my perhaps overly strict standard has been well-received.

image* Nicole Rudick on Pompeii. Bob Temuka on a bunch of Jim Steranko comics starring Nick Fury. Grant Goggans on more classic Legion Of Super-Heroes. Henry Chamberlain on Willow #1. Bart Croonenborghs on comics from Yves Chaland and Blutch. Andrew Mansell on Dave Stevens Covers & Stories. James Hunt on Iron Man #1. Chris Sims on The Judas Coin.

* I'm not sure I even have the standards which one would use to judge whether it's effective or not, but here's a site called

* here's a print being sold for Sandy relief that was tweeted in my direction about 23 hours ago.

* there are a few more election-related bits of business floating around. Alan Gardner looks at the "hometown" cartoonists' reaction to the presidential election on Tuesday. That Scott Stantis piece is nice. This is one of the better kaleidoscope of election-related covers I've seen. Caleb Goellner looks at the newspaper comic strips that did election-related gags.

* Colleen Doran is running a sale in order to help pay for the ongoing digital remastering of her A Distant Soil series.

* Daryl Ayo profiles Joseph Lambert. Chris Mautner talks to Sammy Harkham.

* not comics: here's Michael Cavna on yesterday's election-related google doodle.

* finally, if any of you are friends or fans of Josh Latta, he could use a hand.
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