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November 9, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the newspaper strip Fort Knox will do a storyline about prostate cancer. That's one of Amy Lago's over at WPWG (which may now be WP Media), by a cartoonist named Paul Jon Boscacci. I know there's a lot of "very special episode" kidding that goes on with something like that, but I think issues humor of that type is something strips still do pretty well, largely because of their unique position within the culture.

image* Kelly Korducki talks to Peter Birkemoe on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Beguiling. God bless that Peter Birkemoe. Brian Truitt talks to Denise Mina. David Bradley talks to Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts. Randy Cordova talks to Rick Kirkman.

* not comics: BK Munn on the opening of Doug Wright Park.

* participating in Halloween by giving out Jack Chicks sounds more like a hipster move than a fundamentalist Christian move to me.

* not comics: I think we all owned a concept album called "Lazarus Pit" at some point, so why not?

* not comics: I enjoyed reading my friend Gil Roth's blog posts about suffering through no power for several days post-Sandy. It gets to the misery of that kind of situation without being overly tragic considering what others were facing. What intrigues me about it is this notion of how awesome our day-to-day lives are right now, but also how fragile, how easily they're disrupted.

* missed it: good on Meredith Gran.

* Steve Bissette is offering Neil Gaiman-related goodies through orders at his on-line store.

* Steve Morris on Iron Man #1 and Deadpool #1. Maria Popova on Building Stories.

* finally, there has got to be a more cost-efficient thing to steal than comic books.
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