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November 12, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rich Barrett on The Provocative Colette.

* this Tim Blake Nelson interview gets briefly into Watchmen, the difficulty of reading comics, and Joanie Caucus-era Doonesbury.

* here's one of those New Yorker profiles, this time on Olivier Schrauwen.

* the way the site is set up I don't have a good way to make note of ongoing art exhibits, but since I didn't list the opening of San Francisco's Ralph Steadman exhibit, I thought I'd at least mention it here.

* Tom Tomorrow notes that Twitter was engaged with Matt Bors' account late last week. I don't see how this stuff ends with no real threat of any sort of ban harming the company.

* Karama Horne talks to Keith Knight.

* finally: a reminder that CAKE exhibitor applications are open. That is one of comics' strongest exhibition rooms.
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