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November 13, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Gary Groth talks to Peter Bagge way back in 1998. Padraig Harrington talks to Lance Parkin. Carl Antonowicz talks to Tim Stout and Jason Week.

* not comics: I would imagine that some are and some aren't, and that a summary dismissal or even a partial dismissal based along those lines is kind of dumb.

* I totally missed this Jeffrey O. Gustafson review of the temporary Jack Kirby Museum in New York City.

* Jay Deitcher on The Cute Girl Network. Robert Boyd on a bunch of different comics with more to come, which would be great. Kevin Cortez on Out Of Hollow Water. Greg Burgas on Small Gods.

* this headline by Mike Sterling made me laugh.

* second time around on Daredevil Frank Miller script.

* finally, here are a bunch of Conan O'Brien TV show "bumps" related to comics.
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