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November 15, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I missed this story about a threat of violence made against the year-ending Comiket. It's apparently not the first time that such a threat has been made.

image* Pamela Paul on A Game For Swallows. Deborah B. Ford on a bunch of graphic novels. Don MacPherson on a bunch of comics and the Brian Bendis X-Men effort. Rob Clough on But I Really Wanted To Be An Anthropologist. Sean Gaffney on Strobe Edge Vol. 1. J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of different comics. David Anderson on Atomika Vol. 1. Henry Chamberlain on Building Stories.

* not comics: this is another prominent article about Penguin and Random House merging that could be read more for its point of view than for its substance. In fact, the lack of substance is part of its point of view. (thanks, Gil Roth)

* Shannon Smith has a bunch of links related to the writer Bill Mantlo here.

* not comics: not sure if everyone can see this or not, but this homemade shirt by a young Patrick Dean made me laugh. Also not sure if this is viewable, but Noah Van Sciver's time-traveling adventures to mid-1990s Fantagraphics continue here.

* Jillian Tamaki writes about the difference between drawing and illustration.

* Blair Butler talks to Brian Michael Bendis. Vicki Barker profiles Ralph Steadman (via Greg Kelly). John Siuntres talks to a small army of people.

* not comics: you might be able to get some related-to-comics-issues juice out of this article on streaming music royalties and from this interview by Greil Marcus of David Thomson.

* finally, I tend not to pull individual reports out of the collective memory, but I did like this one from Rina Ayuyang at Yam Books, and it's early on enough in her efforts as a publisher it's interesting to read her on that level, too. This one of more to come from John Porcellino is worth a read there, including that he talks openly about how much money he made at the show.
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