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November 19, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is good news, potentially great news, even, for the Portland comics scene: Oregon is apparently getting an volunteer organization of lawyers focused on arts-type legal matters.

image* via a note from Ben Schwartz comes this feature article on comics adaptations of Shakespeare.

* Rob McMonigal on Bill Roundy's Bar Scrawl. Don MacPherson on various comics and Where Is Jake Ellis? #1. Christopher Allen on Iron Man #1. Sean Gaffney on Excel Saga Vol. 24. Grant Goggans on Legion Of Super-Heroes #310-315. Shannon Smith on The Invisibles #7. Brian Nicholson on Micro Pitch. Todd Klein on Green Lantern Corps #12, Flash Annual #1, Green Lantern Annual #1 and Green Lantern #12.

* "population: 37 (longboxes)"

* here's a Wendy Pini pin-up that I guess is both not all that big in the original art sense and very, very clean.

* you can see some Gregory Benton comics pages here.

* not exactly comics: John Jackson Miller has a succinct and even respectful post up with all the links you need if you're interested in the comic book ads permutation of last week's Hostess plants closure news story. Those were cute ads, and certainly memorable -- one of many links between comics and junk food that was kind of soaked into their pages for years and years. Another of their popular brands was Dolly Madison, known for their relationship with the Peanuts characters. I know the Peanuts imprimatur drove me to that brand when I was a kid, at least to picking Dolly Madison products over other, similar food items. At any rate: I'm sorry for all the people that lost their jobs, for whatever the ultimate reason or reasons this was so.

* here's a photo of Picasso dressed up as Popeye -- well, Popeye in his underwear, anyway. (thx, Paul Di Filippo)

* not comics: not even sure what's going on here, but this photo made me laugh when I went back to it in bookmarks.

* Carren Jao profiles Jim Drain. Shawn Conner profiles Joe Sacco. Simon Hanselmann talks to Sam Gaskin.

* finally, a bit of not-comics: cartoonists creating wallpaper.
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