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November 19, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* here's an historical profile of Peter Newell, republished.

* looks like the photographer that snapped the 1989 photo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby has made himself known. That's a nice photo, and also shows that Kirby was able manage an outwardly friendly tone with his one-time editor and collaborator even as his case against Marvel and his disappoint in Lee for simply not telling the full story of their partnership remained in place. I've had some friends say that our ability at the specifics of the Lee/Kirby truth died with Lee, but I think they really died with Martin Goodman back in 1992.

* not comics: this Paint By Monster episode by the cartoonist and puppeteer Dan Wright is the best he's done to date judging by the few minutes I'm in.

* Alicia Dorn profiles Byron Vaughns.

* finally: Jeff Danziger writes about potential low-level harassment of a political nature, which I'm certain doesn't feel low-level when it's happening to you.
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