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November 20, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's one fan's lengthy, affectionate profile of DC's soon-to-be-completed 300-issue Hellblazer. I remember sort of liking that character in the original Swamp Thing comic and then also liking him in the original issues of his own title because Jamie Delano played against his established type and made him sort of desperate and barely in control. Later iterations, much more popular, had a bit more fan service to them. A number of my writers at TCJ were fond of a lot of those comics, and you can't really say that about a lot of mainstream comics from that era. It was pretty much that character and whatever stuff was being drawn by Mike Parobeck.

image* Bryan Munn wishes the great Toronto comics store The Beguiling a happy 25th with a look at The Beguiling Blurt and by sharing some personal memories.

* speaking of The Beguiling, here's a photo of an entry area stuffed with art.

* Jason Sacks, Daniel Elkin and David Fairbanks on various comics. Justin at Poopsheet on So Buttons #5. Matthew Brady on a bunch of different minis. Rob Clough on The Hypo. Bob Temuka on The Boys. Dan Morrill on Careful #1. Don MacPherson on Avengers Assemble #9. Rob Clough on Hector Umbra. Sean Gaffney on Cross Game Vol. 8. Paul O'Brien on a bunch of different comics. Johanna Draper Carlson on Soulless Vol. 2. Glen David Gold on The Cartoons.

* Oni Press is looking for interns.

* not comics: look at this cute Dan Zettwoch holiday shirt.

* Vaneta Rogers talks to Bob Wayne and John Cunningham. Brian Nicholson profiles Renée French.

* I like how I get cocky about knowing everything there is to know about comics and then I read some random post on some younger writer's blog and I realize I maybe know about 15 percent of the comics out there. That's pretty cool.

* finally, this photo taken at Rob Liefeld's 1995 wedding sure is something.
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