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November 21, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Gene Kannenberg Jr. is writing one-sentence reviews.

image* Bill Baker talks to Gabrielle Bell. Josie Campbell talks to Cliff Chiang. TJ Dietsch talks to Riley Rossmo. Tim O'Shea talks to Patrick Dean. Sean Michael Robinson talks to David Lasky.

* bunch of appealing books recommended by Glen Weldon here. Still don't quite get that choice of headline, which according Weldon's tweet a bit after that posted is a complaint for nerds. I stand by the three seconds I spent thinking about that on twitter.

* not comics: these are pretty cool-looking.

* Buzz Dixon wrote in to call my attention to this on-line effort from an active marine.

* drawings: a tiny Rod Serling, a crest, an impala and a first job.

* not comics: who wouldn't hire Robyn Chapman to look after their cats?

* finally, Sean Kleefeld had a really nice trip to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in future comics metropolis Columbus, Ohio. His post underlines something that Art Spiegelman said to me at BCGF in terms of advice on how to use that institution -- if you go, and they're going to pull stuff for you to look at, let them know ahead of time what you're interested in seeing.
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