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November 21, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a reminder: if you've worked in comics in the last three years in any capacity towards making a comic, Benjamin Woo wants you to take his survey. We could all potentially benefit.

image* Gavin Jasper writes about wrestling comics, one of those areas of comics about which I'm not only ignorant, but frightened.

* love this photo of Edward Gorey.

* Tara The Librarian on The Cute Girl Network.

* I like this John Byrne drawing of the original X-Men, albeit from the Smith/Steranko/Adams end of the run as opposed to Kirby/Roth beginnings.

* the whole Superman/Wonder Woman/Doing It thing is just really, really odd to me. I guess those icons still hold power, but do they still hold power in a way where that really gets at people, that kind of story point? My hunch is that many of those interested enough to care in specific plot points are jaded as to the uniqueness of those plot points because of the umpteen billion reboots and side projects and alternative whatevers. So really it's feature-article bait, something to get mentioned in a late-night monologue and quickly forgotten. Still, we're talking about a promotional landscape where a 5K bump is a major thing, and a market that runs on perception of sales potential, so we're going to keep getting stuff like this.

* someone at Diamond Bookshelf talks to Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover.

* finally, specific-focus blogging may be the best kind of blogging.
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