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November 22, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Tony Fitzpatrick is thankful for Jim Brown, and I am thankful for Tony Fitzpatrick.

image* kudos to Eric Reynolds for donating 400 handmade comics to the Dylan Williams collection. I hope that people will consider donations of all sizes to that worthy effort.

* Emilie Friedlander talks to Jay Babcock about the return of the comics-friendly magazine Arthur. You could probably also read that story in light of it being one of those things that informs an issue in comics, in this case fealty to print.

* I'm not sure how this review of the Zot! collection ended up in my bookmarks, but there it is.

* hey, that's Audrey Hepburn with the copy of Capitan America. I'm guess that's in Spain, then.

* ooh, Jack Kirby.

* not comics: Gene Kannenberg Jr. has a new review site.

* finally, we're at a point in comics where Chris Ware is on MSNBC and a) nobody really takes notice, b) it only seems a little weird even if you stop and think about it.
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