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November 27, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Aaron Duran and Paula Small have joined the board at the Stumptown Comics Festival's controlling organization Stumptown Comics Inc. Duran will be Communications Director; Small comes on board as Treasurer. The release reminds that 2013 will be that show's 10th year.

image* Christian Gasser on Hicksville. Greg McElhatton on It Girl And The Atomics #4, Batwoman #14, Iron Man #2, Justice League #14, Fables #123 and Legion Of Super-Heroes #14. Doug Zawisza on Supergirl #14, Wolverine And The X-Men #21, Daredevil #20 and Deadpool #2. Jennifer Cheng on Sword Of Sorcery #2 and Harbinger #6. Kelly Thompson on Ultimate Comics X-Men #18.1, Castle Waiting Vol. 2 #18 and Catwoman #14. James Hunt on Avengers #34 and X-Factor #247. Ryan K. Lindsay on Uncanny X-Force #34. Rob Clough on Hugo Tate. Don MacPherson on various comics. John Kane on various comics.

* not comics: here's a post on movie ads in comics.

* I keep forgetting to link to this very odd choice for a comics-related bathroom book.

* not comics: I'm not sure everyone can see this, but this Laura Park drawing is pretty great. Ditto this Lisa Hanawalt sketch of Guy Fieri. There are only a few comics-related photos in this Jason T. Miles gallery, but they're interesting ones.

* I haven't looked into the registration aspect of this site, but I like the comics that pop up on the front page.

* pretty sure I put this link into the Collect Memory for the event, but this Timothy Callahan post on comics he got at BCGF is also a pretty good survey of new comics.

* not comics: an alternate theory is that they're mostly annoying people that just want the attention.

* Gerry Alanguilan would like you to know that Komiks is not dead.

* Thanksgiving 2012 is one Tuesday of seeing people at work that took an extra day off and asking them about their weekend away from being in the rearview mirror for good, but that's just enough time to enjoy this old Winsor McCay holiday-themed art.

* Dan Berry talks to Andrew Thomas.

* finally, it's always fun to read Todd Klein on lettering.
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