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November 28, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I keep forgetting to link to the thinkpieces that arrived on the heels of two comics being nominated for the Costa Prize. Here's one. I'm actually not sure how big a deal in the broader sense this kind of thing is. Don't get me wrong: I'm sure it's vitally important to some people and to the folks that receive that specific form of approbation, but I'm not sure that in a sense once these honors are achieved it doesn't just become part of the churn. In fact, I think one thing about the remaining prize taboos falling -- and I assume they're going to fall -- is that there's a novelty to them because they're some of the few remaining taboos, another item on a long-ago checklist that's, well, I'm sure it's on the desk here somewhere.

image* Antonio Solinas talks to Brian Bolland. Paul Gravett profiles Hannah Berry.

* not comics: love this post about a unique New York City street.

* Dustin Harbin draws Team Batman. Mattias Adolfsson draws a skeleton. Anthony Clark draws a tiny dragon.

* Emma Vieceli is a remarkable woman.

* Josh Kopin reflects on something Chris Ware said about interactivity at BCGF. I was struck this year by how extremely good Ware is on his feet at these panels and appearances now. I mean, Ware is smart and articulate, but I still suspect that speaking in public makes him uncomfortable. To be that generally good when you're uncomfortable is something. It's also fun to be reminded that there are all sorts of folks out there, comics readers included, that are just now or are about to discover Ware's work.

* speaking of fine ambassadors for the medium, there are a bunch from the younger generation that qualify.

* Dennis Harvey on Cartoon College. Michael Buntag on Superman: Earth One Vol. 2.

* that's a nice photo.

* on teaching inappropriate comics. The distaste I would have for any such controversy springing up around something I taught would end my teaching career in about five minutes flat.

* finally: very few folks do, Paul.

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