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November 28, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Abraham Riesman talks to Olivia Jaimes. Alex Dueben talks to Ali Fitzgerald.

* the Chicago Tribune remembers Wayne Stayskal, a very prominent regional cartoonist of his day. My memory is that while Stayskal was mostly known for editorial cartoon work, he also took at least a couple of shots at strip syndication. He had a ragged style. Stayskal was also one of that generation's well-liked conservative political cartoonists, back when that didn't automatically mean semi-deranged rhetoric. He was I believe an evangelical Christian. Every condolence to his fans, family and friends. Stayskal is remembered by longtime conservative political columnist Cal Thomas here.

* Josefin Dolsten profiles Liana Finck. I'm sort of surprised her book hasn't made more best-of lists given its positioning as a prose publisher book and Finck's role as a frequent New Yorker contributor. It's a really good book, too.

* finally: Emi Gennis, American Hero.
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