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November 30, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Chris Ware has been profiled in the New York Review Of Books in a massive, laudatory piece. This piece at Rookie is really great, too.

image* Richard Bruton on Segway. Sean Gaffney on Thermae Romae Vol. 1. Rob Clough on Hotwire. Johanna Draper Carlson on Start With A Happy Ending.

* not comics: Meredith Gran gives fitness advice.

* Alan Gardner found a site that collected all of the tribute strips to Peanuts from back in 2000. Man, you know you're getting old when you have to check the list to see if you participated in something like that (we didn't). Speaking of people finding things, Brandon Graham directs our attention to this site with cartoon-style depictions of Serpieri's Druuna character.

* I always listen to Comic Books Are Burning In Hell while I clean the office on Friday mornings. The best one is Jog.

* David L. Ulin talks to Julia Wertz. Alex Dueben talks to Dan Goldman and Charles Burns. Dave Bower talks to Dean Haspiel. Mina Kaneko talks to Adrian Tomine.

* a bunch of different talented people, including a couple of cartoonists, talk about getting past creative blocks.

* I vote no, but that's only because anything anyone else does diminishes me and what I do.

* finally, this photo set from BCGF is sure something. There's a lot of people in there I didn't see photographed by anyone else.
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