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December 1, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* my hero.

* newspapers dropping comics with political content is nothing new: it seemed to be a frequent circumstance for Pogo.

image* Jay Penn talks at great and enthusiastic length about Bart Sears' work in a recent USA Today/Dark Horse Conan effort.

* not comics: Captain Marvel meets Superman.

* not comics: Brian Augustyn casts the 1963 Justice League movie.

* a few random Christmas possibilities/resources for you: Sam Hiti's store is brimming with lovely handmade comics.

* the Fantagraphics store continues to pick up local news mentions as it heads towards its 4th anniversary. As it's designed to receive that kind attention, I guess mission accomplished there.

* James Robinson scan in and then extols the virtues of an old Lou Fine comic book page.

* meeting Moebius.

* the cartoonists Dave Lasky and Peter Bagge are profiled in a Seattle-area student paper by a reporter with the totally awesome name of Cambray Provo. Either the reporter's name or the profile or the company in the profile have apparently delighted Lasky into near-hysterics.

* I missed this one: Richard Bruton reviews Market Day.

* not comics: Tintin related items did very well at a recent BD-heavy auction.

* Domingos Isabelinho talks Aristophane and unavailable classics.

* finally, go here for a lushly-illustrated Carlos Nine interview.
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