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December 3, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Chris Mautner talks to Gene Luen Yang.

* Zack Kruse announces a new position.

* Jake Austen on Little Tommy Lost. Sterg Botzakis on The Troublemakers. Shea Hennum on Sabertooth Swordsman. May on Supercakes.

* missed it: Batman is a hoarder.

* that HG Peter revival I was hoping for from Dan Nadel's attention to the artist in one of those Abrams book never quite materialized, damn it.

* I'm not doing a regular "Bundled" this week, so I think I'll mention this preview of the next Mark Millar series here. Millar does a lot of things well with his mainstream comic book series, but other than his attention to the choreography (in the broadest sense) of his fight scenes and the taste he's displayed in choosing collaborators not a lot of his strengths interest me.

* I never know what to do with links like this when they're sent to me.

* Neil Cohn would like you to know that comics are a language all of their own. (via Bob Levin)

* several folks have reminded me that Matthew Carasella has a bunch of photos up from the cartoonist/comics reception preceding Art Spiegelman's retrospective at the Jewish Museum.

* Mike Lynch has a short post on working TV/film actors with cartooning chops; follow the link to work by Fred Gwynne.

* finally, hooray for Wonder Woman!
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