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December 4, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Dueben talks to Zeina Abirached.

* missed it: here's a nice process post from Kevin Huizenga on moving from blank page to first, rough layout. I think Dylan Horrocks is the one who found that one and posted it to his Facebook feed.

* Tim Gruar on From Earth's End.

* there's a petition movement to shut down a suburban Seattle anime con here. I'm all for the pressing of legal solutions to legal issues and I'm all for the pressing of extra-legal solutions to highly regrettable activities that may fluster legal solutions; I'm always a little flummoxed when the two seem to cross streams, and there's really no way to express that without looking like you're making an allowance for potentially hideous behavior. It kind of reminds me of 25 years ago and the movement to codify better behavior on college campuses: it was a goal everyone but the most churlish supported, but the incidents which granted the moves agency and legitimacy seemed to far out-strip the proposed response.

* I always enjoy Mike Mignola's thick-waisted Batman. And I'm always happy to see Kool Moe Dee, no matter who draws him; Jonny Negron makes it even better.

* missed the president's smart purchase of Crockett Johnson from the terribly comics-friendly Politics and Prose.

* I'm not sure if this post is public, but it's nice that Shannon Wheeler gets so much enjoyment out of the Too Much Coffee Man Opera being performed where friends and family can see it.

* finally, Derf sums up 2013. He also advises the youngs.
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