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December 6, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Kirby on Treasury Of Mini Comics Vol. 1. Domingos Isabellinho on Pim & Francie. Kevin Huizenga on Couch Tag.

* not comics: it's funny, and maybe I'm reading it wrong, but this Megan McArdle article that says collapse of print isn't due in part to lack of production from journalists kind of makes the opposite point to my mind. It's not that people like me that think this believe that journalists aren't technology advantaged over the Woodward/Bernstein era, it's that they're not expected to produce content according to those advantages.

* Rob McMonigal talks to Alex De Campi.

* Sonia Harris on guilty pleasures. I'm not sure that we've all the way figured out just how different comics reading is right now for the reduction in stigma regarding their consumption.

* Kathleen David is one of my favorite bloggers about the fan communities that kind of bump up against the world of comics, and about living in a household with comics at its center. She strikes me as a very nice person. A few of you sent along this long post of hers about Ed Kramer and the resolution to his legal matters, which kind of acts as a general marking-out of the difficult emotional landscape involved for a lot of people there. I'm glad there's a resolution; I do think there were some extremely odd values on display at different times from different quarters through the whole controversy, but I'm glad for the folks closest to it not Kramer that they have a chance to move on.

* not comics: the cartoonist Diana Tamblyn has been contacted enough times by media sources for quotes on female representation in superhero movies that she finally wrote a lot of those thoughts down into one place.

* Jamaal Thomas writes about the comic book format, specifically the idea of intermittent purchases as opposed to systematic purchasing.

* finally, I never know which of these things is viewable by the public and which ones aren't, so apologies in advance, but Laura Park has a cool-looking studio.
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