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December 6, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Matt Seneca on Mort Cinder.

* congratulations to cartoonist Sophie Goldstein on winning a year-long Tulsa Arts Fellowship. That's a city I don't think of for comics -- the late writer Jim Vance lived there -- but that will be to the advantage of the cartoonist and the community that will get to enjoy her presence and her husband Carl Antonowicz. This will become more and more of a comics thing over the next decade, particularly for awards with a community aspect. I think cartoonists are uniquely built to collaborate and participate.

* there is still a bit of late President Bush post-passing cartoon news. Here's the story of how Nick Anderson worked with his former employer on a larger-than-usual tribute. Here's a modest survey of cartoons out there. The confusion in comics over how to remember a president who was somehow reasonably well-liked and considered competent while at the same having to process his open ties to indictable political acts and outcomes is a sign of how confused the country is in terms of what constitutes political discourse more generally. I die a little bit at the nihilistic implications of casually simplistic reactions, the sappily sentimental and the occasional sweeping, non-engaged dismissal, but that may be because those are constructions which are of specific interest to me. Cartoons almost always prove themselves worth watching both individually and as a group, and have again been valuable here.

* this might be an article about Pia Guerra's recent political work.

* finally, Image has an oral history of Image Comics up, about which my e-mail is host to a score of complaints about who is involved, who isn't, what's said. That was an influential on-line forum for the group of creators that were participants in terms of exposing them to ideas and relationships through they would build careers. I joked yesterday that it's the first article of its type where like 90 percent of those profiled have actual PR photos, by which I mean that not only did that Forum drive people to careers but successful one. I shudder to think of an article gauging the impact of the TCJ message board.
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