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December 9, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Andy Khouri's collections-oriented comics gift guide looks exemplary at a first glance.

image* Sarah Boxer on The Great War. Shannon Smith on various mainstream comics. Don MacPherson on Harley Quinn #0. Sean Gaffney On Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol. 7. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Batman: The Joker's Last Laugh. Richard Pachter on a bunch of different comics.

* I'd love to know what kind of list Faith Erin Hicks would think actually constitutes having enough time to make one, because this is a fine, lengthy list of Christmas recommendations.

* the Collective Memory we ran at CR has already been moved to the right-hand column, but it's worth noting that J. Caleb Mozzocco wrote a bit at length about the demise of PictureBox Inc. here, and this humorous promotional video for final publication Infomaniacs shows Dan Nadel referring to the company in past tense.

* where all the Wolverine comics live.

* happy 10th blogging anniversary to Mike Sterling, on the Mt. Rushmore of comics bloggers.

* I think I mentioned this on Twitter but failed to do so here: Bob Levin reviewed the Ray & Joe book that Fantagraphics puts out. That collection of Charles Rodrigues comics was kind of all by itself a reason to support the Fantagraphics kickstarter -- what a weird, wonderful thing to put out there. Bob Levin, of course, is one of the two or three great writers about comics.

* TCJ has put up an accessible version of their lengthy, cover-featured Bill Watterson interview from years and years ago, right as Watterson began to surge in popularity and before he stopped having a lot of interaction with the press. As I recall, it's best interview the cartoonist has done.

* Michael Cavna talks to Ed Piskor.

* finally, KC Carlson ruminates on Matter-Eater Lad. What a great character concept.
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