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December 10, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sean Kleefeld relates one of the most depressing stories about mainstream comics maybe ever, and mainstream comics isn't exactly lacking for depressing stories.

image* Nick Jones on a bunch of small-press comics. Peter Tieryas Liu on Days Of Destruction, Days Of Revolt. Hannah Means-Shannon on Creator-Owned Heroes #7. Shannon Smith on Absolute Vertigo. Tom Morello on Orchid #11. Sean Gaffney on Toriko Vol. 13. Don MacPherson on Human Bomb #1 and Avengers #1.

* I'm not sure how this illustration ended up in my bookmarks or what it's for, but I like it. I'm also not exactly sure how I ended up with two Occupy-related links, but here is and here is something Alan Moore wrote for that group.

* Michael Dooley talks to Craig Yoe. Alex Ferrerya profiles Charles Hatfield. Rob Clough profiles Dan Archer. Bob Temuka profiles Joe Kubert.

* Dear Stan And Wally...

* finally, in a bit of not comics, the gaming writer Gus Mastrapa expresses a measure of sympathy the point of view apparently held by Christopher Tolkien and other members of that family about some of the things being done with the works their one-time patriarch created. There's principled disagreement to be had on those issues, for sure, but the aggressive inability/unwillingness by so many to find some place in their heart for the point of view articulated here seems so sad to me.
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