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December 10, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Paul Buhle on Daredevil -- the one from early comic books. J. Caleb Mozzocco on various comics. Henry Chamberlain on Velvet #2. Jeffrey O. Gustafson on Infinity #6 and Uncanny Avengers #14. Taylor Lilley on Borb. Richard Bruton on Chloe Noonan 4.5 and Between The Billboards Volume Five: The Nothing That You Know. Gabriele Di Fazio on Life Zone.

* overlooked comics analyzed at Multiversity Comics. Man, there are a lot of overlooked comics these days.

* Heidi MacDonald asks a small group of Direct Market retailers if they think the lack of serialization on non-genre indy, alt and art comics is a poor model. There's some good material in those responses but overall I think this is kind of a silly argument. None of these publishers are averse to money, and the model of serializing the bulk of what those publishers produced wasn't strategically withdrawn; it outright failed in the marketplace. I just don't see what's changed that you can say with any certainty that everyone should be doing it again, and the fact that nearly none of the cartoonists in alternative comics with healthy careers serialize has a little more weight with me than asserted extra sales, which is something you can always argue. So even though I think there's plenty of room for someone to try serial alt-comics in a big way right now, and there are some comics for which it works great and there could be a few more of them, you really can't trumpet with any certainty this model works or that model works or that one doesn't. It's almost all situational these days.

* Lark Pien made a Kick-Ass Annie comic.

* that's a good-looking drawing of the Marvel character Havok. I always thought that was a good litmus test for superhero readers: some people think that character design looks pretty cool, some don't. While I'm enjoying random superhero art, here's Michel Fiffe drawing the Image characters.

* finally, here are the Short Run Prom photos.
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