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December 11, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Ethan Gach at Forbes writes about the inexorable rise of comics for table-type devices.

image* Daniel Kalder on The Strange World Of Your Dreams. Richard Bruton on Throw Your Keys Away, A1 Annual, The Bizarre Adventures Of Gilbert & Sullivan: Volume Two: The Sound Of Music and The Heroines Zine. Joe Gordon on Dungeon Fun: Book One. Rob Clough on Woman Rebel.

* congratulations to Sean Kleefeld.

* here's a look at the Miracleman pages from Marvel's new edition, side by side with the original versions. And here's another one. I have the least sophisticated appetite for mainstream comic book color in the entire world, so I'd basically have to say a magic word and change into someone else entirely before I'd be able to render an opinion. I'm sure people hate it, though. They always do. Here's the full preview.

* not comics: Warren Ellis is getting back into the e-mailed newsletter business.

* not comics: that is a lovely label. You can put it next to your Ralph Steadman wines.

* Steve Sunu talks to Jason Aaron. Tim O'Shea talks to Lee Garbett. Benjamin Bailey talks to Rick Remender.

* Chris Arrant would like Marvel to make better use of its god characters after they've enjoyed some recent success with Thor.

* finally, that Frank Miller comic book series follow-up to 300 will not be ready for the marketplace at the time the movie follow-up of the movie version of 300 makes it to theaters.
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