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December 12, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's been a while since I looked in on the Bill Day crowd-funder; it looks like they've more than crossed the all-important halfway point. Giving Bill Day a year to breathe and make cartoons seems like a great use of crowd-funding, at least to me.

image* Stephen Deusner talks to David Lasky and Frank Young. Chavonny Tillotson profiles Robb Armstrong. Amy Goetzman profiles Anders Nilsen. Paul Gravett profiles John Miers. Steve Sunu talks to Brian Wood and Brian Bendis. Tim O'Shea talks to Ales Kot.

* Supermutant Magic Academy is the best.

* Bill Baker on True Swamp. Michael Buntag on Sundome Vol. 1. Kevin Cortez on Sunday In The Park With Boys. Matt Brady on Groo The Wanderer #54. Doug Zawisza on Batman #15. Dominic Umile on Scene Of The Crime.

* huh.

* this Sunday Mermaid strip is lovely.

* Buzz Dixon has gathered up links to three recommendable Christmas stories out on the wider Internet at which you may go stare. I'm not sure they're exactly supposed to be on the Internet, but my fraternity house got its Christmas tree every year under similarly dubious circumstances so I'll just stay quiet.

* on a Brandon Graham process post. On a Dave McKean-related process post.

* finally, these aren't very good scans, but it's fun to look at primetime Hi And Lois.
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