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December 12, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* totally missed this piece by Dan Nadel on Sandman: Overture #1. Paul Morton on March: Book One. Jimbus Christ on Fear Agent: Re-Ignition.

* Xavier Guilbert talks to John Porcellino. John Kost talks to Jimmy Palmiotti.

* a bunch of people comment on the thread about OGNs vs. serialization of comics material at Heidi MacDonald's site. I'm not sure either side "wins" the argument, and the biggest notion that seems to be strengthened by the rhetoric being thrown around is that the Internet is ill-suited to serious discussion. That is a bunch of people talking past and around each other.

* here's a series of interviews of people that work with BOOM! that happen to be female... I'm not sure what the point of a series like that is, but I'm certain a lot of smart people are getting interviewed.

* two of the executives each involved at one time with a southern California high-end graphic novels publisher combine forces into a company that seems to publish the same kinds of books those other companies publish. I'm not really sure what the business model is there, but I assume that a lot of the assumed good fortune depends on Hollywood development deals -- I could be totally wrong, though. I look forward to the full book list.

* finally, here are some illustrated tributes to the late Nelson Mandella. And here are the Cagle cartoonists on that same subject.
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