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December 13, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Brian Hibbs on his second store.

image* Sean Gaffney on Sweet Rein Vol. 1. Tahneer Oksman on Co-Mix. Ben Hawluk on The Heckler. Iestyn Pettigrew on Miracleman. Tom Bondurant on JLA 3000 #1, a comic I read and found sort of baffling conceptually. Rob Clough on Chico & Rita. Andrew T on Other Stories And The Horse You Rode On In. Sean Gaffney on the comics available via Mangabox. Jeffrey O. Gustafson on The Fox. Joe Gordon on Signal To Noise. Richard Bruton on Dangerine.

* not comics: it may just be my imagination, but it feels like I'm starting to see stories every 10-11 days that suggest a dire future for Barnes & Noble. The Ozymandias school of blogging never usually works out in the real world, though.

* role-models.

* that's a hell of a strike-through.

* Jason Love talks to John Porcellino. Danica Davidson talks to Sarah Lightman. Albert Ching talks to Mick Foley. Alex Dueben talks to Max Badger. Vi-An Nguyen talks to Jeannie Schulz.

* the very well-respected comics scholar Qianna Whitted writes on anthropomorphism and race in Krazy Kat.

* Petersen does McCay.

* an end for this iteration of Animal Man.

* finally, Roland Kelts looks at the global publishing phenomenon that is One Piece.
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