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December 14, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the CBLDF has a gift for you: a free holiday mini-comic.

image* I try to stay away from posting images that don't require or encourage a click-through, but I just sort of liked this Wally Wood illustration and hoped you'd maybe click through anyway.

* Jenna Brager on A Wrinkle In Time. James Romberger on a bunch of different comics.

* I keep forgetting to post a link to this tour of Gabrielle Bell's apartment.

* I also keep forgetting to pass along that WonderCon has its initial special guests list up. I'd go just about anywhere to see Sergio Aragones. And Jeff Smith. I like that Jeff Smith guy. I'm glad he's going to do a couple of shows this year. While we're at it with the guest announcements, CAKE announced its first guest: Michael DeForge. I bet that's going to be a fun show, all up near Wrigley Field and whatnot in a resurgent city for the arts, and I hope to be in attendance.

* bring paper!

* Dan Nadel and Frank Santoro talk to Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez. Colin Smith talks to Al Ewing and Henry Flint.

* so I guess IDW is going to experience some shipping delays due to that big port strike. That's unfortunate that this had to happen to them. Be kind to your retailer who will take the brunt of that delay; they always do.

* for the near-future, as it looks like I can't access either TCJ or, you might want to check those out as a matter of course. I'll link to whatever I see other people link to if it's clear what's being linked to. Or something. I'm too defeated at the end of the work year to fight it.

* finally, Hayley Campbell writes on the rebirth of British comics.
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