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December 14, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* RC Harvey writes about the Ham Fisher/Al Capp feud, a certified classic comics-industry backstory.

* the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum has announced a major contribution from cartoonist Noah Van Sciver. I hope other cartoonists will follow Van Sciver's example and make a similar outreach to the Billy and/or other institutions.

* here's a fun article about the Kerala's crucial role within India's editorial cartooning tradition.

* The Beat has a to-the-point write-up here about the creative team behind Border Town has quit after learning that writer Eric Esquivel is the unnamed person in Cynthia Naugle's recent blog post about an abuser. I support people making moral choices, and respect them doing so when there are professional consequences to those decisions.

* finally: Hillary Brown talks to Ariel Schrag.
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