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December 15, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Rina Piccolo points out that logic can be the enemy of humor.

image* this little press packet for R.F. Outcault would probably work by today's standards, which may make you raise an eyebrow in the direction of today's standards.

* Johanna Draper Carlson looks at a list of graphic novels promoted by Our Lady Of The Bookstores, Oprah Winfrey.

* Gabrielle Bell started taking on portraits yesterday, then stopped, and might start again.

* Alex Dueben talks to Ramon Perez and Brian Hurtt. Alan David Doane talks to Box Brown.

* this interview of Shaun Tan by Paul Gravett is about as good as you'd expect given the participants. It's always interesting to me to read an interview with a comics-maker where the interviewer and not the comics-maker is the one more comfortable with the ideas and nature of the comics medium.

* Ben Morse talks about a period where he basically left comics behind. That's a pretty common circumstance in the history of a lot of fans -- I had one, at what age I couldn't tell you but because I'm a nerd I remember that it spanned X-Men #103-125. I still maintain that for the hardcore readership that being forced from the hobby entirely is just as common a reaction as transforming one's reading in a certain direction.

image* Jerry Robinson on the Cartoonist Of The Future.

* here's a Renee French single-panel guest appearance on one of David King's cartoons.

* there's been a bunch of brief, off-hand commentary from comics folks about Louis CK's selling of a comedy show using a direct-via-online-methods model, but Gary Tyrrell probably digs into it best in terms of what it might mean for people hoping to fund art through the Internet in the future. What's interesting to me is that both the comedian and Tyrrell are up front about the show not yielding as much as having it sponsored would have, but suggest that this may not be a bad thing depending on one's orientation towards the work. There are no easy answers in something like this, but it definitely needs to be tracked -- in almost every conceivable case it would seem that the more options art has when it comes to being funded, the better off that art form will be.

* Dan Zettwoch and Julia Wertz have Christmas-item related posts up.

* I'm hoping to return to this lengthy post on theater of the Direct Market. It looks like a good one, but even if the writing turns out to be awful the post is worth checking out for the photos.

* Chris Korhonen on Re-Gifters. Don MacPherson on a bunch of random comics. Greg McElhatton on The Sigh. J. Caleb Mozzocco on X-Force Vol. 1. Johanna Draper Carlson on the Best Manga of 2011, Salt Water Taffy Vol. 5 and Same Difference. Ted Brown on Peanuts #0.

* not comics: not really sure what the hell is going on here, but I'm willing to file it under "Superhero Merchandise Is Really Weird." That's more of a file cabinet, actually.

* finally, I don't remember who sent me this photo but it's cute.
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