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December 16, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* for no particular reason, I'm going to eschew posting images related to a review for the holidays and just post old comic book covers where I remember liking the comic book when I encountered it 100 years ago. It took me a while to get on board with Love And Rockets -- maybe three issues of the magazine -- but when it hit it hit like a ton of bricks and to this day it's the only comic book I've ever read in the car outside of the comic book shop. This was during that astonishing run in the issues from about #17-18 through #35 or so, my favorite period.

* sad to hear that the Grasshut space in Portland's Floating World shop is closing. There is apparently a sale. I like very much the idea of comic shops giving over part of their space to other retailers when that's a strategy that works, and I thought that particular relationship added to the distinctive nature of that very fine shop.

* Richard Bruton on Carry Me and Seasons. Derik A Badman on a bunch of different comics.

* I have next to no eye for restoration and re-coloring, but this European version of those Lee/Kirby Thor looks terrible to me. That probably means it looks super-terrible or that it's actually awesome, such is my disconnect from any sort of ability to suss such things out.

* there are very few comic strips that looked as good as Pogo.

image* there is a call out for presentations at the Comics & Medicine conference, schedule for June 2014 in that great city of Baltimore.

* Ryan Holmberg talks to Deeptanil Ray. Tom Murphy profiles Oliver East. Francoise Mouly profiles Ad Reinhardt. Douglas Wolk profiles Gilbert Hernandez.

* Frank Santoro is starting up another round of his correspondence course and answers a bunch of questions about it here.

* not comics: Matt Bors made a vine.

* finally, this is a fondly-remembered X-Men comic book splash page. One of the things I find intriguing when I look back at these kind of plot-driven elements is how much they seem to depend on the characters being a mostly blank slate, by which I mean they have a strong core identity -- or even a lack of one -- against which acting "out of character" stood as a strong contrast. I'm not sure you get the same "oomph" if the character of Storm were to act in a similar way now, because she's had so much history that she's acted in a variety of ways according to the dictates of creators and the needs of whatever plotline.
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