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December 17, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in case you missed it, MoCCA sent out their first major press release about the 2013 arts festival on Friday afternoon. That's an impressive line-up of small-press and general comics heavy-hitters on the steering committee.

image* Alex Dueben talks to Charles Burns.

* missed it: colorist Jason Keith won an award for his abstract art. (thanks, Chad Anderson)

* Chris Heller on Mark Twain's Autobiography, 1910-2010.

* I'm not sure how I feel about these Milo Manara covers featuring various Marvel heroines. I like the colors, and I think these are basically cheesecake-style characters that are flattered by cheesecake-style depictions -- even those featuring Manara's kind of odd, slightly-subhuman idealizations. I also think I sort of appreciate Marvel making their alternative covers the kind of thing I can conceivably see someone wanting just because they like the art involved. All that said, they're not for me.

* speaking of Marvel covers, this one is pretty cute.

* here is the Katie's Korner top of 2012 list for kids graphic novels.

* hey, it's a surprise pre-holiday Secret Acres blog entry!

* finally, check out this nice Chicago Tribune feature on Lilli Carré.

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