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December 17, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this was one of the favorite comic books I ever bought through back-issue channels; in fact, I was hugely fond of that whole post-Xavier's death mini-run on the title. I also like the Werner Roth stuff, for some reason. When I was a kid that style seemed to me to be "old comics" in a way that cleaner styles weren't. Plus they were affordable, and the Jack Kirby-drawn stuff really wasn't. But the Adams issues? I liked the way they looked, and they were obsessed with death in a way that the modern X-Men comics I was reading at the time enjoyed a fascination with things being killed. Also, for some reason I always really loved that Cyclops was sitting on a sentinel head here.

* Molly Crabapple talks to -- and draws -- Art Spiegelman.

* I'm not sure I knew that Melissa Mendes has a dedicated store.

* OTBP: Jonny Negron + Sean T. Collins = Flash Forward.

* Kevin Leslie on King-Cat. Henry Chamberlain on Pompeii. Todd Klein on Green Lantern Annual #2 and Suicide Risk #1.

* this is a really old post from Luke Pearson, I think, but the exhibit and his contributions to it both seem interesting.

* every so often I'll check out Eric Reynolds' massive edited/acquired list with Fantagraphics. No real reason, it just makes me feel good.

* Richard Sala draws Christmas holiday-themed ladies: 1, 2.

* not comics: I really, really like the Stefan Norblin.

* go, look and/or read: 1) Lucy Bellwood's origin story. 2) a Christmas story for Shark And Unicorn. 3) four drawings from Darryl Cunningham. 4) cover pencils for a forthcoming issue of Eltingvilleville Club. 5) Leon Beyond explains dating. 6) various Will Dinski pages. 7) Chris Schweizer makes posters for episodes of Sherlock. 8) actually, I'm not sure what this one is.

* not comics: former Fantagraphics and Devil's Due art director Evan Sult writes about his day job, drumming.

* finally, an exhaustive essay on the origins of the Sadie Hawkins dance. That makes it sound like I was really, really dying for an exhaustive essay on that subject, and I am perfectly fine with that.
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