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December 18, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I don't want to overstate the great joys of finding a fun and offbeat comic book series when you're a young person and comics are important to you, but it's a definite pleasure, the early to mid 1980s weren't exactly a time when it was easy for a reader with mainstream-comics expectations to find a lot of work that was different than the rigid norm. I don't know what it was like for most comics-reading teens, but the idea that I had slightly loftier taste than most of the other people at the shop was part of my self-conception as reader back then, and comics like Thriller were ready-made for me. This was also a time that because of the dearth of good comics on the stands -- you could buy all of them on a 14-year-old's budget -- you were inclined to give a kinder reading to books that tried to do something different but maybe didn't execute everything they tried with aplomb.

* Mike Sterling sent along this post he made about one of those Neal Adams-drawn X-Men comics I like, reviewed by a reader right on the book itself. Someone should do a 'zine of comics reviews written on art from the comics themselves. I would buy that 'zine.

* Rob Clough, a recent beneficiary of comics culture largesse, would like you to know about some of the fundraisers that have caught his attention.

* John Kane on a bunch of different comics. Andrew T. on Brooklyn Quesadillas. Sean Gaffney on Attack On Titan Vol. 10. More folks writing about comics they'd like you to consider from 2013. Henry Chamberlain on The Encyclopedia Of Early Earth. Richard Bruton on It Girl, Weak As I Am and Youthful Attack. Robert Stanley Martin on Blue Is The Warmest Color.

* world, Bob Temuka would like to visit your comics shops.

* Sean Witzke talks to Michel Fiffe. Matt Badham talks to Neill Cameron. Gil Roth talks to Kipp Friedman.

* finally, What If The X-Men Were Black?

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