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December 20, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* the Buddy Bradley material dominates a lot of memories of Peter Bagge's fine one-man anthology Neat Stuff, but nearly all of the features are worth going back and exploring in collected form if not in the magazine itself. In fact, I think the magazine is a great have-around-the-house read, as accessible as name-your-animated-program-of-choice. I've said this a bunch of times and will say it a bunch more, but I'm super-hoping that 2015 being the 25th anniversary of that great comic book Hate will lead to a greater appreciation of Bagge's career more generally.

* missed this list of books at Domino Books. Well, maybe I didn't miss it because I don't always run lists like that, but I find this one interesting.

* that is indeed a very nice splash page.

* word of Free Comic Book Day material has begun to slip out via official and unofficial announcements; Ed Piskor's work will be featured in a Fantagraphics offering. I like that Free Comic Book Day has some traction, although I'm not sure I could explain to a skeptical person how that event works for everybody involved.

* here's a fun year-in-review list featuring a lot of random festival photos from your friends and mine, Conundrum Press.

* Michael DeForge on tour.

* here's a very, very broad review of DC's New52 initiative, that makes a solid point about its conceptually ramshackle nature: so much depends on individual creative choices, because there's nothing there otherwise.

* finally, I'm very jealous of those students that not only get to take comics courses in college but get to take them at that lovely Billy Ireland facility.
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