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December 21, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Calvin Reid reports for PW that Drawn and Quarterly has taken its first steps into digital publishing, releasing two works by Chester Brown (Louis Riel, Paying For It) with a company called Kobo and their Vox Reader. The publisher's post on it is here. This is worth noting for the news itself (Chester Brown books in a new format!), the fact that D+Q is an influential boutique alt-comics house and it's the alt-comics houses with the most room to maneuver in this area, and for the 50/50 split that D+Q is doing with its authors. Pay attention to that last one, because people are really going to begin to question basic publishing arrangements in the digital age. The author Michael Chabon has apparently just moved every book he can to a company that offers that same deal.

image* Ashley Cook profiles Max Clotfelter.

* big discovery in 1940s sales numbers; start with John Jackson Miller's analysis here.

* Brian Bolland on the work of someone that used his art for another piece of art. More on Sharon Moody from Scott Edleman here. Edelman keeps prodding me for my opinion on this, in a way that makes me suspect he want me to agree with him rather than really wants to know my opinion, but as I said a couple of days ago I really don't have much of one beyond the basics. I don't know the Bolland example, and certainly there are plenty of ways art can be re-used that cross the line (see this year's tracing debacles in editorial cartooning, for example), but at least concept-wise for me I totally get the value of making imagery and totally get the value of re-utilizing imagery, and in general think both are legitimate avenues for art. I'm slightly baffled that a lot of folks seem unable to fathom this, and I suspect without knowing that it's the comparative valuation/pricing element of it more than the conceptual element that tends to get people worked up. As far as that goes, I'd rather have a Jack Kirby page than someone's painting of a Jack Kirby page by a factor of 10 billion to one, but what people want to pay for whatever they want to buy is pretty far outside my control.

* hey, new Destructor.

* Johanna Draper Carlson on Hark! A Vagrant. Rob Clough on various mini-comics. Sean T. Collins on MOME Vol. 22. Grant Goggans on Embroideries.

image* Lucy Knisley, Lauren Weinstein (pictured), Laura Terry and Andrea Tsurumi make holiday cartoons.

* if you're near Akeny Plaza in downtown Portland, go buy something from Theo Ellsworth.

* go, look: Matt Bors pays tribute to Christopher Hitchens.

* the PS in this Dark Horse Comics X-mas card confused me, too, so I'm glad to see someone say so.

* Tony Piro makes a distinction between appropriation for parody and just stealing something that a lot of people are going to refuse to engage.

* JK Parkin provides a round-up of recent best-of lists.

* the Ink Panthers talk to Josh Flanagan. Geprge A. Tramountanas talks to Rob Williams. Josie Campbell talks to Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. Brigid Alverson talks to Matthew Wilson and Josh Kenfield.

* not comics: that's a fine-looking burger.

* finally, here's a nice photo set from the Jules Feiffer and Irwin Hasen event at MoCCA last week.
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