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December 21, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Gipi, Gipi, Gipi.

image* a big part of my growth as a comics reader in the 1980s was reading the best superhero comics being done. Daredevil was one of the few titles that my brothers and I did not collect at one time or another. When we heard -- and I have no idea how, exactly -- that the title had become good, we used the local used books stores to dig up the Miller run-to-date. Those comics were a lot fun. They were very much of their time in that a lot of their juice comes from a constant risk of death in a way that provided a strong contrast with the threat level present in other comics.

* the writer Neil Gaiman went to look at the Sandman art at Cartoon Art Museum, and there was press on hand to cover it.

* I was entertained yesterday afternoon by some art on-line: Matt Kish's collected portraits of Nazgul, Ethan Rilly's cover for Taddle Creek, and "Chief O'Brien At Work."

* Addie on Fairy Tale Comics. Rob Clough on Mineshaft #29. John Kane on a bunch of different comics. Andrew T on The Furry Trap. Sean Gaffney on Sunshine Sketch Vol. 7.

* I'm not sure I'd seen this review of The Massive in comic form.

* finally, The Seattle Weekly runs a profile of the Intruder cartoonists. It's probably worth noting that the article indicates this is a new feature at the Weekly.
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