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December 22, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this book was in my family's dining room, on the tea tray, which was never used for tea but instead housed all of the coffee table books because any coffee table book on the coffee table would last about two weeks before becoming pulp and glue. I don't think my parents understood much about Steinberg -- I still don't -- but the drawings were cool and clever and bore repeat viewing as they and I would periodically struggle to figure out what was going on: View Of America From A 1970s Suburban Home Tea Tray.

* Christmas evil.

* Noah Van Sciver will draw you.

* James Romberger talks to Paul Kirchner. Mark Frauenfelder talks to Ruben Bolling and Vanessa Davis. Robin McConnell talks to Jesse Reklaw. Alec Berry talks to Mardou.

* Chris Schweizer populates HP Lovecraft.

* the cartoonist Nate Powell is recognized as an Arkansan working in entertainment in a prominent way in 2013.

* Todd Klein on Astro City #5. Whit Taylor on Strong Eye Contact and Mimi and The Wolves Act I: The Dream.

* finally, the great RC Harvey profiles George Baker and Sad Sack.
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