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December 23, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* all the images are disconnected which I take as a sign he really, really doesn't want the imagery being used, even to direct traffic there, but the Lewis Trondheim Advent Calendar is a lot of fun. I mean, it's a commercial promotion, but some of the images are lovely.

image* I collected comics in the obsessive back-issues sense at a remove from just wanting to read the comics themselves for only a brief period, but even that's a stretch as I like most kinds of comics and certainly read the ones I bagged and boarded and crossed off checklists. I did enjoy the idea of the having these books for the sake of having them, though, and I loved them as cultural objects. The two comics I liked most for collecting were Marvel's Avengers and X-Men series, I think because they went through multiple recognizable periods that could be enjoyed distinct from the others. It's hard to read the Roy Thomas-era Avengers now in a way that allows me to become absorbed in the work, but I still love looking at how brutish John Buscema's figure-drawing was at the time. Everyone was a giant thug. Reading those comics was like being in a hotel elevator with members of a professional football team.

* not comics: hard not to love the story of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel.

* how one column celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Avengers and X-Men concepts created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

* yes.

* this looks potentially nice. The English-language comics how-to market remains as puzzling to me as early New York state politics. I mean, I get a ton of stuff -- or at least I did at one point -- but most of it seemed pretty useless. I guess there's good stuff with the Matt Madden/Jessica Abel and the James Sturm involved books.

* go, look: Calvin's snowmen.

* finally, the good folks at the Billy wish you a Merry Christmas via Arnold Roth. When are we going to have that year where every week we marvel at Arnold Roth's career?
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