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December 24, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Betsy Gomez writes on a troubling plea from Japan.

image* my brother and I spent some time three days ago while driving back from the airport talking about serial comic books, and at one point he said, "Every day an American Flagg! showed up at the shop, that was a good day." And it was! I'm not sure how long those good feelings lasted, particularly if you weren't fond of the Howard Chaykin return to the original series at its conclusion of the subsequent follow-up series. But for a time there, it kind of hinted at a world of slightly trashy but assuredly crafted fun comic books for adults that didn't exist in too many other comics, even arguably. My brother also said it was the only comic book he would have bought just for the lettering.

* Kevin Cortez on Pecos #1-2 and Chicken Outfit #1. Michael Robbins on Christmas On Bear Mountain. A bunch of folks at the Portland Mercury on a bunch of different comics.

* Michael A. Johnson asks how we should read the Christmas-themed episodes of Krazy Kat.

* two people whose names I can't figure out although one is apparently called "Pam" talk to Ralph Bakshi. Albert Ching talks to a very ambitious Eric Stephenson. That's not a criticism: more people in comics should be ambitious.

* Sean Kleefeld on the networking aspects of fandom.

* finally, here's the original art to Robert Crumb's cover for Motor City Comics.
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